Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Garden This Year

This year I wasn't thinking that we would do a garden. I knew I'd be big pregnant and then I'd have a wee one and would probably not be able to keep up w/ it. So I didn't want to waste our money or time. Well, Lowes started stocking up on veggies and we caved! I decided to keep it simple and go w/ things that I knew would grow easily.
Our strawberries stayed in from last year and have been doing awesome!!!! If my kids would stay out of them we'd have had enough to make some jam....but every day they eat every one that gets ripe! :) We did tomatoes again b/c they are super simple and we go through them like crazy. I didn't do all cherry tomatoes this year though. I have 2 cherries and 3 different varieties of the bigger ones. We are doing bell peppers again and threw in some banana peppers just for fun. We have gotten quite a few of those already!

We did cantaloupe again and decided to try our hand at watermelon. As you can see, it's doing very well. We have lots of little watermelons so just let us know....we will need to share!!! Oh, and if you look in the corner of this bed you can see that my mint is out of control! What do I do w/ it all?!?!

Here are our cucumbers. I did a different variety this year. It's pickle size cucumber and we've already gotten enough to start canning. I'm going to try to make homemade bread and butter pickles (our favorite).

The grapes produced this year!!! We had two vines, but our dog dug up the other one. Boo. So, it looks like we'll have a lot of grapes this fall! So exciting!

In the last bed (the one w/ the cucumbers and parsley...which I let go to flower so it's no good to me! arg!) I planted okra. My kids love it. We mostly like it fried, but my kids pick them and eat them raw. I have threatened them! And hopefully we'll be able to gather enough pretty soon to use for dinner! :) Notice all those weeds!!! I got SO spoiled last year b/c we literally had none, thanks to the newspaper! This year....not so much. I have been a super lazy gardener and knew I would be so I'm not putting pressure on myself. The garden looks crazy, unmanaged and out of is. Oh well, we're getting produce. I'll do better maintenance next year! :)
So that's a look at our little garden this year. Oh yeah, I forgot to take pictures of the figs and blueberries. I posted about my parents fig tree and how obsessed I am w/ them. Well, my Dad bought us 2 fig trees!!!! SOOOOOO excited! And we bought 2 blueberry bushes. We won't have very many this year, but probably enough for one or two batches of muffins...again, if I can keep my kids out of them!!! :)
What have y'all planted this year? Did anyone use a raised bed? How are they working for you? I'd love to see pictures!


Marie said...

I have started doing some research on raised beds. I would really like to start growing some of the veggies that we always need. I am a little nervous about it since I am still working right now- how difficult it will be to maintain. But I am hoping that maybe I can start one next year. I look at those pictures and I am inspired to at least try- would help with the grocery budget for sure!

TexasNeals said...

i think you'd be surprised how easy it is!!! you should definately give it a try! :)

Jess said...

So after you have that little one, care to take a trip to NC to help me start a garden? I would love to have one. But I worry because I have such a black thumb. I wouldn't even know where to start. We planted 6 tomato plants in WA and only produced one tomato which a wild animal ate half of. So pathetic.

all4memories said...

We have a little garden, but it's not raised. I'm not even familiar with that, so I'll have to look it up. :o) I read something about you using newspaper and it helps with weeds. Would you mind sharing about that? I know you are extremely busy right now and may not have time, so if you can't I honestly understand.

Take care, and God bless you all!!!


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