Monday, May 18, 2009

The Recital II

Suzannah had her second little ballet recital in April. They were Southern Belles and she hated her costume!!! Bless her heart. But she had so much fun and even decided to do ballet again next year. Yay!

Here she is with two of her sweet little friends Abi and Anna Jo.

I thought this was just adorable. She and Faith waiting to go on stage for dress rehearsal.

This is the formation they were in when the lights came up. Suzannah is the second from the front on the left.

In this picture they had changed positions and she's in the middle back in their final pose.

Here she is ready to take a bow.

Their little class did so well! They were absolutely adorable! I think their teacher is just wonderful. If any of you reading this live here and want your little girl in ballet I can't recommend Tena Vogel highly enough. :)

Molly Beth can't wait till it's her turn to dress up and dance! She will love it!

Well, as long as the program doesn't go too late! Remember last year? Looks familiar! ;)

And here's the beautiful ballerina w/ her beautiful flowers. It was a long night but she's already wondering what the costume will be for next year!!! Maybe it will be more her style! :)


Rusty and Ann said...

LOVE IT! She looks so beautiful, and graceful in her poses! Not to mention, growing up too fast!!! Great job, Suz!!!

jennifer said...

Looks like she did fantastic! I wouldn't have wanted to wear those costumes either:)

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

LOVE IT, too! Sadie will love looking at these photos. Over and over and over again...


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