Tuesday, April 7, 2009

10 Week Count Down!!!

Holy moly! Where has this pregnancy gone?! It is just flying by! I had an appointment today and things are still looking good. I'm starting to measure smaller now?! Crazy. But the baby is still growing. We are zoning in on a name, but not calling the baby by it or sharing it w/ anyone b/c...to be honest, we just aren't 100% convinced that it's a girl. It probably is, but when the sonogram dude isn't 100%....it just leaves a little bit of doubt in my mind. SO, I guess we won't be announcing any names until the baby arrives (sorry).

Alright, w/ only 10 weeks to go, I have a lot to do! First and foremost, it's time to start praying about labor. Labor is something that just the thought of makes me feel terrified. I know I've done it 3 times already, so I shouldn't be so freaked out....but it just hurts so stinkin' bad!!! Plus, all those little things that could go wrong hang out in the back of my mind. I've been putting off praying and even thinking about labor until now. So I'm going to start praying and meditating about labor. I am hoping to go into this one w/ a little different approach that I pray will make it less traumatic. A little less screaming this time would be nice! ;)

I will start spending time squatting and doing pelvic rocks. When I went for my first "Female Exam" ever, the Dr. told me that I had such a small frame that I would most likely never be able to have a vaginal birth. WELL, 3 kiddos later....what did she know!? ;) The squatting is to help your pelvis open up. The trick is, keeping your heels on the ground and staying in that position as long and frequently as possible (and then being able to get up!!!).

"Whether or not you are actually able to give birth squatting doesn't really matter. What matters is practicing this movement throughout your pregnancy. Why? Because of the strength squatting gives you.
Here are the benefits of squatting:
-There is no compression on the vena cava and the aorta, the major blood supply system that runs through the center of your body.
-Squatting mobilizes the entire pelvic region, widening it as much as 25 percent.
-During labour, squatting produces minimum muscle strain, maximum pressure inside the pelvis, and creates a perfect angle of descent for the baby. It makes gravity work for you, not against you.
-Squatting gives the baby optimal oxygen throughout the process and also relaxes the perineum area to lessen the potential for tearing.
Unless you are on bed rest or your baby is breech in the last six weeks of pregnancy, squatting is the best pregnancy exercise. Source: Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh."

The pelvic rocking is great for relieving back pain and (most importantly) encourages the baby to get into the optimal position for birth! The goal is NO MORE POSTERIOR BABIES!!! It also gently strengthens your abdominal and back muscles. I did both of the exercises w/ Molly B and Jack and know they were very helpful!!!
The other thing I'll start doing is drinking two cups of Red Raspberry Leaf tea every day. I did not do this w/ my other pregnancies, and although my body did great, I would imagine that my uterus would appreciate the help.

"Red Raspberry leaves are safe and helpful during childbearing years and during pregnancy. The herb comes in forms of leaves to make teas or tonics as well as pill like capsules you can swallow. Red Raspberry Leaf helps tone and strengthen the uterus which is important during pregnancy and childbirth as well as recovering after your baby is here. It can be especially beneficial for women who are planning a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) since their uterus was cut open during a c-section."

Like I said, I have never used it b/f, but have heard wonderful things about it and my midwife highly recommends it....so, I'll let you know! ;)

So, those are the things to get my body ready for this baby. The house is a whole 'nother thing. My goal is to have everything weeded out and organized by the time I'm 35 weeks and then hit every room again for a deep clean. I'll also start my cooking and baking at that point and plan on having all of my "Things to be purchased" purchased by then.
B/c we are doing year-round schooling I won't have the whole summer off to readjust to baby. However, we will take a month off to celebrate finishing 1st grade and then start 2nd and preK sometime mid to late July (depending on when the baby comes). So I'll need to have all of our curriculum purchased by July.

So much to do. And only 10 weeks to do it in! I'll post another belly shot at 35 weeks and put up a new poll. If you got the last one wrong maybe you'll do better on this one! ;)


April said...

We'll be praying for all to go well for you and baby, too!

Grams said...

Good luck Stace -- I'm worn out just reading what all you plan to do in the next several weeks:)

The Loftis Family said...

Wow! Can't believe only 10 more weeks for you guys :) And yes it does hurt so stinking bad...but isn't it worth it!
I totally wasn't thinking about you guys living so close to my parents...duh! We'll have to give you a call when we're heading back that way.

The Loftis Family said...

Wow! Can't believe only 10 more weeks for you guys :) And yes it does hurt so stinking bad...but isn't it worth it!
I totally wasn't thinking about you guys living so close to my parents...duh! We'll have to give you a call when we're heading back that way.

all4memories said...

I will be praying for you.

jennifer said...

I agree with Mom Stace. I need a serious nap after that. :) In honor of you and Billy Matthew and I are going to keep our name a secret too! (whatever it may be):)

TexasNeals said...

it IS a lot to do! but i know how crazy things are w/ 3 and can't imagine life w/ 4! i'm afraid that if i don't get all my ducks in a row b/f the baby arrives, things will get out of control and i'll never be able to get a handle on it!!! :)


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