Friday, March 13, 2009

March Maddness!

What is up with this weather?! Last week the kids played outside so much and I was totally ready to go purchase plants for the garden and now it's getting down into the 30s?! Crazy! Its cold and wet...the worst combo in my opinion! Well, I decided to take advantage of the cold nasty weather and use up a few leftovers. As a special treat I made the girls "Snowman Soup" at rest time. (Jack ran fever last night so no sweets for him!) They were so excited! We popped popcorn, drank hot chocolate and watched a movie. It definitely perked me up on this gloomy day.

Snowman Soup

1 package of prepared Hot Cocoa

2-3 chocolate kisses

10-15 mini marshmallows

small candy cane

I know this is actually meant to be a little party favor to give out around the holidays(my mom actually introduced this recipe to me back in San Antonio when she made them for me for a progressive dinner at our house) but I had 2 candy canes left from Christmas, Hershey kisses left from Valentines cookies and we always have marshmallows on hand. It was perfect. :)

I think the weather is supposed to stay like this through the weekend so maybe you can surprise your kiddos w/ some Snow Man soup too! :)

I know this recipe is very sweet and very indulgent, but you can alter it to be healthier while still being a special treat. Cut back on the number of Hershey kisses and marshmallows and use this recipe for hot cocoa instead of the packages:

4 c. milk

4 Tbs. cocoa

4 Tbs. honey

Mix, heat, serve, yum!!!


Laura said...

My phones are not working right now!! My home phone will be fixed tomorrow and my cell is not getting reception! UGGGGGHHHHH!!

I have not been avoiding you and I feel much better now!!

I hate this weather too!! My little plants are outside freezing but we managed to find a neighbor boy who will do my entire yard (mowing, blowing, edging and weed eating) for $15! Woo-hoo!! He even said he would weed all of my flower beds and help plant and mulch for $10 extra! He is so hired!!

Dixie said...

I remember snowman soup from that progressive dinner. What a sweet memory! Have a great weekend

laura said...

Hey Stacy... so we went on vacation last week and the hotel we stayed at served fresh yogurt with homemade granola on top. It got me thinking that you had a recipe on here awhile back that Gary and decided we would try when we got back home, but to no avail, I can't find the post that has the recipe. Do you mind letting me know where it is? Thanks!

Amy Mccathran said...

Great idea Stacey! Its been cold and rainy here too and poor Jake has been standing by the door saying, "Go outside" over and over and over again. It's definitely time for springtime weather :)


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