Friday, March 27, 2009

I Wanna Be a Fun Mom Friday!

Salad Spinner Art ROCKS!!!! This was a blast and not messy at all! The girls would have kept doing it all day if I'd have let them! :)
Super simple. Get your salad spinner and some construction paper (I used card stock). Trace the bottom of the basket onto the paper and cut it out so that it will sit nicely in the bottom. Let the kids drip various color combos of tempera (washable) paint, put the lid on and let them spin to their hearts delight!!! My original plan was to talk about pastel colors and what that means. Then to let them mix the colors, but I was out of white. It would have been cute to cut the dried circle into egg shaped ovals for Easter. Oh, well. We talked about primary colors and centrifical force. FUN! You've gotta try this!!!

When these are all dry I'm going to hang them. I'll either make a mobile or hand them in front of the window in my kitchen. They are really so pretty. The pictures don't do them justice!

(ps-Mom, thanks for letting me borrow your spinner! ;)


Mabry's gamma said...


What a cute idea, who would have thought a salad spinner. I have a large one that I am putting in a garage sale, I wonder now if I should ask Jessica if she wants it???

Love to all,
Aunt Cheri

jennifer said...

What fun. I need a salad spinner because Vail and Kates would love that. :)

The Clevelands said...

I think the sale of salad spinners will now sky rocket! You are officially a fun mom! Thanks for the idea.

The Nortons said...

Salad spinner is a great idea! Marble in the bottom of pie pans is a fun way to mix colors as well! I love doing crafts with kiddos. We try to do something craft on Tuesday and Thursdays when we get home from school! Thanks for MOM!!

Once Upon A Closet said...

Oh we did that! It was a bit different but the results are the same. I need to be a fun mom!

Dixie said...

So did the salad spinner wash off easily in the dishwasher or is this the official 'arts and crafts' salad spinner? I think this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

April said...

Very cool idea! Thanks for sharing!!

Meredith H. H. said...

How fun! I need to start a binder of all of your cool parenting and fun mom ideas for later!

MamasHood said...

What a fun idea. I bet that the kiddos had an absolute blast doing this. I don't blame them for not wanting to stop, I wouldn't have either had I been there. I might have to invest in a salad spinner for when Mabry gets a bit older.


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