Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrating Molly Elizabeth

Ha, ha, ha! Remember this picture....from forever ago? Well, I think it was Jen that guessed what the story was behind it (maybe Jess too?). I wanted to surprise Molly Beth w/ a princess cake and this lovely princess was just too tall. So sorry....

I had no idea what I was doing, but was fairly pleased w/ how it turned out.
Here's the annual picture on the front porch. My big 4 year old.

On our kiddos b-day we let them pick anywhere they would like to go out for dinner. Molly Beth picked Sho-Guns. We met Billy there after work and he showed up w/ flowers for the birthday girl. She felt so incredibly special! Isn't he thoughtful? He's such a good daddy for sweet girls...good thing! ;)

They let her throw the egg. She was Thrilled! And at least made it onto the griddle.

She LOVED her cake! I was so relieved! I thought she would, but her reaction was priceless!
(watch out, Jack is going for the kill w/ that frosting!!!)

An attempt to get all three of them. Oh well....

Awwww, sweet sister love.

Molly Beth is such a fun person to give gifts to. She is always so excited and grateful! Every picture we took her mouth and eyes couldn't be opened any bigger! She's so fun.

Here she is w/ her favorite person in the world. She is a Ya-Ya's girl!!!!

Another special thing we do on our kiddos b-day is take them to the party store and let them pick out a helium balloon. I always get two regular one's for the other two and after the party they played w/ their balloons b/f we left. Suzannah and Jack's balloons didn't make it (thankfully) but they had a ball.

When I asked B what she wanted for her birthday she said, "A real pony and a Build-a-Bear." Well, the pony was a no go but we did head to Build-a-Bear that weekend so that she could make a bear. I had in my head what she would pick and she didn't disappoint! Pink, Pink Pink!!!

And naturally, her name is Princess.
It was a wonderful birthday! I really enjoy the kids birthdays b/c I can give them extra attention w/o guilt! :) We had such a great time celebrating our sweet Molly B on her 4th birthday!


jennifer said...

Yes! I am so glad I guessed right :) This whole behind on your posts is throwing me off on my months. Good thing I feel nine months pregnant or I wouldn't be able to remember that it actually is May and not February. Looks like so much fun. Wish we could have been there.

Caldwell Clan said...

The Cake was so cute! I'm so relieved to know that you havn't taken up any crazy hobbies like toruring Barbie... I was begining to worry. :) Yeah right. Breakfast rollups are just tortillas and cheese. I try to use whole wheat tortillas, they are much sweeter. Anyways I just lay them flat. Put a slice of cheese inside, roll them up and microwave for around 20 sec. We go walking every morning with some friends so alot of time breakfast is on the go. It is easy to eat in the car.

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

SO fun! And the cake looked AMAZING! Great job, Stace, and happy birthday Molly Beth!

Grams said...

This is so weird. I was thinking about that today and had decided to call and ask you about the barbie thing and lo and behold ----- great minds and all that :) Enjoyed the posts and the pictures too.

vail (grams)


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