Saturday, February 14, 2009

Too Good Not to Share!!!!

"Thoughts determine actions..
Actions determine habits...
Habits determine character...
Character determines destiny."

Ronald Regan put it well:
"The character that takes command in moments of crucial choices has already been determined. It has been determined by a thousand other choices made earlier in seemingly unimportant has been determined by all the day-to-day decisions made when life seemed easy and crises seemed far away, the decisions that, piece by piece, bit by bit, developed habits of discipline or of laziness, habits of self-sacrifice or self-indulgence; habits of duty and honor and integrity--or dishonor and shame."

Wow! Is this not awesome?! How inspiring and encouraging for us as mothers to continue to remember that we have such an important job!!!!! Character is one of those daily, constant things that we are instilling in our kiddos! So important to stay on top of it and help them develope a strong and godly character!!!! :)


Grams said...

It's too bad some of our politician's parents didn't read that when they were raising their kids.

jaymie said...

great post! WOW! Your responsibility one was great too. As a teacher, I could always tell the kids who had "chores" (I love that your "habits" term..I'll have to remember that one) because they were so much more confident and balanced.Not to mention, when I needed an errand, I knew which ones to ask! just yesterday I read an article about this in a magazine. It was backing up EVERYTHING you said!! YOU GOT IT GIRL!!!


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