Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Outside My Window...It's dark.
I am Thinking...about what else I need to do to be ready for ELO in the morning.
From the Learning Rooms...we didn't get a lot of school work done today b/c of my mid-wife appointment.
I'm Thankful for...a good midwife appointment. Everything went well. I'm measuring 24 weeks instead of 20? She thinks I'm actually probably due the last week of June. That works for me! :)
From the Kitchen...mmmm, we had Garden Chowder tonight and it was so good!! I will definitely have to share the recipe!
I am Wearing...jeans, a long sleeved white shirt and a bluish gray sleeveless sweater.
I am Reading...What Every Child Should Know Along the Way
I am Hoping...that Jack will sleep well tonight and isn't getting an ear infection.
I am Creating...a list of dishes that I can prepare and freeze b/f the baby is born.
I am Hearing...the kids splashing in the tub.
Around the House...I still haven't gotten everything put away from this weekend.
One of my Favorite Things...Last week Molly Beth started skipping and this week Jack started galloping. It's so cute! :)
A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...Elo, piano, ballet and Molly Beth's 4th Birthday! and hopefully park day.
Here is a picture thought to share w/ you....
Suzannah is taking ballet again this year. Her class is quite a bit larger and no longer just homeschooled girls. She still loves it and does very well. Her recital is April 25th and she HATES their costumes! Ha! I think she'll look adorable. :)


Grams said...

Suzannah is soooo cute and only she can be a ballerina with a hole in her leotard. Just love her to death :)

The Clevelands said...

I like the format of your post!


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