Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Oh, we had such a nice Valentine weekend!!! I did a horrible job of documenting it (as usual) and didn't even get a picture of me w/ my Valentine! I'll do better next time!
Here are the kids Saturday morning. Billy always gets them a stuffed animal and a box of chocolates! They loved them and were so excited! Then he made everyone heart shaped pancakes. It's amazing how much better a pancake tastes in the shape of a heart! ;)

Ha! This was funny. The kids were opening the cards we got for them and we realized that Billy and I got Molly Beth the same card?! She didn't mind at all! :)
After breakfast we got ready for the day and Billy and the kids went out to assess the damage that a huge tree branch did to our side fence. We decided to go and get some prices for new fencing, but Billy said that we needed to hang out at the house to wait for a special delivery. Well, it was lunch time and they still hadn't come so we decided to go ahead and take off.
The kids had made my folks some Valentines (that morning! i did a horrible job of getting Valentines to the rest of our family...sorry!) and they wanted to take them to them. So, we decided to surprise them by picking up Chick-fil-a for lunch. We ended up just hanging out there after lunch while Jack took his nap. It was so nice to just visit and veg in front of the TV for a change! ;)
The personal heart pizzas were a big hit! Suzannah told me that this was the best Valentine's Day ever! Wow? Change some things into heart shapes and there ya go! It just reaffirmed to me that kids don't need extravagant things to make occasions special. A few minor changes to make the day special and you have "the best Valentine's day ever!" HA! :)
We got the kids to bed and then Billy and I were able to watch Fireproof. I know we are like the last people in the world to see it! It was really good. AWESOME message that you just don't hear any more. Marriage is a done deal. You know; for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part! Does anyone take their vows seriously anymore? More Christians need to go into marriage WITH OUT giving themselves the option of divorce! I know, I know, easier said than done, but it can be done. Anyway, I recommend it for everyone to see. I'm stepping down now. :)

I forgot to mention that when we got home, our special delivery was on the front porch. The girls were so excited!!! Mommy gets flowers quite a bit, but this time they got some too. It was very sweet and special.
Like I said, we had such a nice day (and weekend). I was joking w/ Billy about how next year he'll have 4 girls to buy valentines for! He might need to start picking up the flowers from Walmart!!!
Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! :)


MamasHood said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Loved all of the photos.

Corbitt Family said...

We just watched Fireproof last week! I agree it is a great movie that needs to be watched at least once a year! Glad ya'll had a great family weekend.

Jessica said...

Ya'll are so good! What a wonderful Valentine's Day! I need to seriously get it together so my kids will think holidays are as special as I do!
We also just watched Fireproof last week, and we enjoyed it too. Great message!!!

Marie said...

How fun! I know the lil' ladies of the house were super excited to get flowers, just like mommy! My second set of parents (ie- the in-laws) parent got us Fireproof for our anniversary and we still have not watched it. I have heard it is so good!
Thanks for letting me know what your grocery budget is. We had ours around 150 a week, but I am trying to cut it down. Doing more strict meal planning and such. I hope to try and get it down to 125 a week. But we will see..some weeks are better than others! I was just curious to see what other families with 5 have theirs set at.
btw- loved the quote on your last post!!

Amy Porter said...

I love that Molly Beth's cards also match the shirt she is wearing! So cute! I loved reading sweet! Sounds like a great day! Oh...and you beat us! We have Fireproof on our kitchen table ready to be you aren't the last people to see it! :)


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