Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfast: Soaked oatmeal w/ apples, raisins and bananas
Lunch: Left overs
Dinner: in Tyler :)
Breakfast: scrambled egg sandwiches, fruit
Lunch: chicken salad, crackers
Dinner: Sloppy Joes, coleslaw, pasta salad, corn
Breakfast: yogurt and granola, fruit
Lunch: @ Mom's after ELO
Dinner: Chicken & Dumplings, green beans, tossed salad
Breakfast: orange cranberry muffins, boiled eggs
Lunch: peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cheese crackers, fruit kabobs
Dinner: @ Mom's
Breakfast: peanut butter toast, bananas
Lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup
Dinner: Veggie pizza
Breakfast: fried potatoes, eggs, sausage links, orange/pineapple smoothies
Lunch: BAT wraps (bacon, avocado, tomato....SOOOOOOOOOOO delicious!)
Dinner: White Chili, tortilla chips, salsa
Breakfast: applesauce bread
Lunch: OUT
Dinner: Chef Salad and crusty Bread
I don't guess I need to post any recipes. These are all super simple and inexpensive meals. I went a little over ($40!!) budget last week so I'm trying to make up for it this week!!! :)
Today is the sono day, so when we get back from Tyler (if it's not too late) I'll post and let everyone know what we are having....assuming he can figure it out?! :) YAY!
for more menu planning ideas go to! :)


Corbitt Family said...

Wow today is the day, I know ya'll are excited! Enjoy the day!

mallize said...

can't wait to hear! If you don't mind me asking- what is the grocery budget for your family of 5? I am trying to get mine down, so I am curious what other families our size have theirs at.

mallize said...

oops- That was Marie posting.....some how it came out as Matt


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