Friday, February 6, 2009

Hy Husband Rocks Friday

Last week's prompt from Katy Lin was to share about the moment you knew your husband was the one. I got to thinking about it and really don't remember a specific moment? I didn't date in high school. I remember my Mom saying that the point of dating was to find a mate and I knew that there was no one in my high school that I wanted to marry. From the age of 4 I knew that I wanted to go to Harding University. After all, that was where my Mom found my Dad and I wanted to marry a godly man too. I am unashamed to confess that I went to college to find a husband...or to get my "MRS" degree. My degree in education was for me to utilize until we had babies and after our babies had left the nest. I know this is horrifying to many of you, but I knew what I wanted and what God wanted for me, and that was to marry a wonderful God fearing man!
My Freshman year was a tough one for me. I was crazy homesick! But I was making lots of friends. By my Sophomore year I had lots of friends and was full swing into dating (nothing serious, no kissing!!! :). However, nothing was sticking. I remember my Mom worrying that I would never find someone that I was satisfied w/. I was pretty picky. I knew what I wanted.
Billy and I were friends and gradually that friendship turned into more. I almost didn't realize it at first. I was continually impressed w/ him. He was kind and patient. He was fun and friendly. I remember when I realized that I was falling in love w/ him. It kind of took me by surprise. But at that moment I realized that I'd better get serious about deciding if this was the man God had for me to marry or get out b/c I didn't want to get into a fruitless relationship that I wouldn't want to end. I honestly couldn't find any reason not to marry him. He was such a good guy and I was crazy about him! The closest I can come to a "moment" I knew was when I was watching him w/ some inner city boys. I remember thinking that he would make a wonderful daddy. Check. He had it all! :)
I made a list y'all. I knew what I wanted in a husband. The things that I felt God was putting on my heart to find (and a few extras that I just thought would be nice:). Man I wish I could get my hands on that list! Billy met almost all of the criteria! No joke! By the time he and I were in a serious relationship I had disregarded the list, but later when I looked back at it, I was just floored!!! One that I remember he didn't meet was to be a preacher (one that I just thought would be nice). But all the serious things he met .
I am so thankful that God guarded my heart until Billy came around. He is wonderful and perfect for me. I am so grateful that God saved him for me!!!!! :) I am honored and proud to be his wife! He totally rocks!!!!!

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Jill said...

Wasn't the inner city bball game during a spring break trip in houston? I think that was about the right time and I do remember you falling HARD for him around then... I'm so happy you two chose each other!


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