Monday, February 23, 2009

Healthy Snacks...for REAL

We were out of town for the weekend so I have yet to do my menu, but I felt like there was a positive response to my HFCS rant and that a lot of you moms out there are curious about how to avoid it. Like I said, I have been working on this for over 2 years! It takes a lot of label reading!!!! I'm really trying to move our family to a whole foods diet. It's a process and I'm trying to give myself grace as I take these baby steps!

As far as High Fructose Corn Syrup goes, the main thing is to avoid prepackaged things as much as possible. It's tough and takes more effort, but it's worth it!! Snack time, for is so much easier to break open a box of fruit snacks! However, it's not that much harder to wash and cut up some fruit...just more effort. I thought I'd share a little list of some healthy snacks that I give my kiddos. I'd love to hear some of your suggestions!! Some of these I fix ahead and just leave in the fridge, that way it's as convenient as tearing open a package of fruit snacks. But I always do fruit and a protien and usually a starch. It's just easier on our bodies to keep things balanced for our blood sugar.

-carrot sticks or grapes portioned into cups

-deviled eggs

-layered sugar free jello (this is a special treat. i do my best to avoid all artificial sweeteners)

-saltines w/ peanut butter topped w/ raisins and banana slices (check the label! you might have to get these at a natural foods store to avoid HFCS and partially hydrogenated oils! or you could make your own)

-tortilla chips w/ salsa and cheese melted on top

-ham and cheese kabobs (healthy choice has deli meats w/o nitrates)

-banana bread or applesauce bread (healthier sweetened w/ honey, but still a better option than HFCS)

-homemade smoothies, shakes and slushies

-a wide variety of raw fruits and veggies *change up the way you cut them up! for example, instead of carrot sticks, try carrot circles, for apples make apple chips by cutting them in thin circles, or in strips and call them apple fries! get creative! oh, and kids will eat almost anything if you give them a toothpick to eat it w/!!! (be careful w/ those the label! :)

-frozen blueberries

-applesauce (watch the labels! i get Motts natural no sugar added)

-toast w/ jelly cut into fun shapes (again, watch the jelly labels!)

-graham crackers dipped in yogurt is fun (I'm not sure if there's hfcs in those...probably! i have a recipe if anyone is interested)

-dried fruit


-trail mix is great!!!

-string cheese

-apples w/ peanut butter

-popcorn (label)

-toasted pita chips w/ hummus (thanks Ann! ;)

-in the summer, frozen yogurt (w/o hfcs)

-the only Popsicles I had growing up were simply fruit juice poured and frozen in Popsicle molds! Delish!!!!

-and who can leave out cookies and milk

K, that's all I'm able to come up w/ at the moment. Please share your tips for healthy snacks w/o high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oils. They are out there, we just have to put some effort into thinking them up and making them! :)


Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

I love it ,I love it. I have never had a friend that was into this like myself and it is nice to know that I am not crazy. Do you have a recipe for homemade yogurt?
Thanks girl.

Jill said...

Awesome snack list, Stace! You've inspired me to start a menu planner & I love it. The snacks are the things I'm always scraping together frantically. I put a list on my fridge of our available healthy snacks & that has helped a lot, too. There is so much junk out there in our prepared foods & cosmetics... we HAVE to protect our families! You go girl!

Caldwell Clan said...

I have a comment for menu planning... it not only great for eating healthier, but saves a ton of money!! When I Plan vs. when I don't plan sometimes makes as much as $100 difference in my grocery budget for that month. I don't do a ton of organic products, but I have found that it is much cheaper to eat healthier, than by the processed foods. And also if you think your kids are going to throw a fit about it, get them involved. William and Cade love it on Apples and Peanut Butter day bc I give them each a cup of PB and a kid friendly knife and let them go for it. You'll be surprised how quickly they forget about the old snacks.

Caldwell Clan said...

Oh yeah, my kids also love frozen grapes, and they are so easy to divide up into small snack cups to take in the car.

TexasNeals said...

Jessi-I'll try to remember to bring the yogurt recipe to ELO

Audra-GREAT idea!!! you are so right about getting them involved! it definately makes a difference. and i love the grape idea. i've never done that but it sounds great! i'm sure my kiddos will love it. thanks! :)

all4memories said...

I have a question about the partially hydrogenated oils. I'm assuming if they are bad for you then so are the hydrogenated oils. Is that right? I've been reading labels for a while, but I'm still learning things along the way.

TexasNeals said...

all4memories, you are correct that they are bothbad for you. and actually the hydrogenated oils are even WORSE!!!

Rusty and Ann said...

Hey- just a thought- I've never done it, but maybe you could try instead of sugar free jello, make your own with fruit juice and unflavored gelatine? Chunks of fruit in it, too. I'm gonna have to go try that!

Dixie said...

I like to cut apples in half and core out the middle by cutting a V into it and then fill the V with PB
This is one of Isaac's faves


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