Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Crafty Momma

I keep forgetting that blogger posts pictures in the opposite order now?! Oh, well.
K, so I love crafts!! I am a very artistic person and love to create things. However, becoming a mommy has put my craftiness on hold for awhile. When I get the chance, I will go to Micheal's or Hobby Lobby and no joke, my heart starts racing! If I had nothing important to do, I would craft 24/7!!!! :) However, I do, so I can't. But sometimes I get this burning inside of me to create something and I feel like I'll go crazy if I don't. This usually manifests itself by me making a sketch of what I want to make in one of my spirals. Ha!
So awhile ago, when Suz was having all that trouble w/ bad dreams and being scared of the dark, I made a sketch. It was of a pillow that had various Bible verses that could comfort her when she started to be overcome w/ fear. It was bright and happy. However, life is busy and the sketch remained a sketch until this weekend. I had been doing really well w/ maintaining the house and on Saturday during rest....I made 2!!
I had a big piece of cardboard that I slipped into a pillowcase and went to work.
When all of the writing and drawing was complete, I used a rainbow blanket binding around the end of the case and wal-ah!

This is Suzannah's after I washed it. I forgot about it and some of Molly Beth's bled onto it. Arg!

Here's one side of Molly Beth's case b/f washing.

This is the other side.
Memorizing scripture is something that I really think is important. W/ kids, the easiest way to teach them is through song....and repetition. I learned the verse about "bad company corrupting good character" from repetition! HA! So I figured each night we could meditate on one of the verses on the pillow case until Suzannah can comfort herself by reciting them. It is really empowering to recall scripture that corresponds w/ your situation. It's amazing how as an adult scriptures just pop in my head when things happen. I'm thankful for all the repetition (thanks Mom) and study. I want my kiddos heads to be filled w/ God's word as well. :) We'll see. But they were both so sweet and grateful and it made me feel good. :) I hope it helps. Suzannah no longer struggles w/ nightmares, but does occasionally get scared at night and Molly B is starting to have some bad, maybe.
There ya go. My little, simple craft for the week. I hope to stay on top of my "chores" so that I can justify a little craft time here and there. I have so much stuff in my head (and my spirals) that I hope to manifest into reality. :)


The Loftis Family said...

Ah, Stacie, that is precious. You are ever the thoughtful mother. I hope the girls LOVED them - sure they did. And that it will remind them of God's love at all times.

Once Upon A Closet said...

girl, you need to sell those suckers! I would buy one! You are so creative and thoughtful. Great idea!

Abi swears that monsters live in her closet. I asked her the other day why she was scared of her room and she said very matter of fact, "because of the green monster in my closet." I cracked up but try to reassure her. I think your pillow is a wonderful idea!

The Clevelands said...

Wow - I agree with Aimee - sell them! I, too, would buy one for my kiddos! Thanks for sharing and I think you should post the sugar cube igloo!!

YaYa and Pops said...

Those are great Stace! I love them!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

What a wonderful idea and you know those girls will treasure them always...

all4memories said...

Wow! What a great idea! I really like that. If you ever do sell them, please let me know, as I would love to get one for my children. :o)

Laura said...

You are too humble!! A simple craft that is not!! I agree with them being too cute not to sell!

Jaime said...

That is so neat. I love that you guys will meditate on them before bed so that the girls can memorize the scriptures and then recall them when they are scared. I love that. What a neat idea and a sweet Mama to put it together.

Jill said...

What a wonderful, sweet idea! I love that you focused on verses to help calm their fears.


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