Thursday, January 8, 2009

Barely Above Water

Alright ladies, I just want to make sure I'm "keepin it real."  I love blogging.  I love being able to record my thoughts, my journey and my pictures.  But the thing that I love most about blogging in general is that it is such a wonderful way to minister to each other.  I can't tell you how much I have learned from other peoples blogs and how much inspiration and encouragement I have received.  I have in turn hoped to inspire and encourage other moms w/ my blog.  However, I do not ever want to appear that I have it all together!!!!  I have SO FAR TO GO as a wife and mother!!!  But it really is my passion so I am constantly working on it.  I get excited about ideas that pop in my head and look forward to sharing them w/ y'all in hopes that they will help you be better wives and mothers as well.  Please hear me say that I am not perfect!!!!!  I yell at my kids and say things I regret.  My laundry backs up and my sink gets full of dishes (and I have a really deep sink).  My feet stick to the floor in front of the fridge (sometimes for days b/f I get to it).  And I play the passive aggressive game w/ my husband.  Truly, most of you are probably doing a better job of mothering and spousing than I am!  I struggle daily to be the best that I can be and don't ever want the posts on my blog to make it appear that I don't!  This journey of being a mother of young children is the hardest thing I have ever done.  Trying to balance keeping the house clean, food on the table, laundry done, children trained and loved adequately enough that they won't need as much counseling as I probably do, and being everything my husband needs me to be makes me feel like I am treading water and my nostrils are barely above the surface!    I don't want to use my blog to whine and complain all the time (though I have done my share) so when you read a post on my blog...or anyone's blog that leads you to believe that their home is the Cleaver house, just's NOT!   And if you don't believe me.....ask my poor husband.  Our bathroom toilet got so gross that HE cleaned it himself (I would actually walk to the other end of the house so that I didn't have to face it!!!).  
Alrighty, enough of that.  This blog thing can be such a wonderful outlet for us for encourage one another!!!!  But let's remember that none of us have it together....we are all struggling and trying to do our best.  :)  Oh, and to those that never been been under the impression that I have it all together (b/c you know me too well)....."as you were."


all4memories said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I have you listed as one of the blogs I follow because I find such encouragement through your blog. Thank you for allowing God to use you the way He does. He's truly blessing me by reading your posts. :o)

Amy Porter said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE this post! Can I come over, though, when your toilet is bad just so I can see it with my own eyes! :) You have been such an encouragment to me when you probably don't even realize it...especially in rearing children! You have to be 4...wonderful children and I admire what you do with them! So...all of that to say, I want to see your sticky floor and bad toilet and hear you yell...I don't believe you! Ok...I do...but it's hard!

Silverthornes said...

Thanks for this bit of encouragement. I am with you; I really do strive to be a better mom/wife/person on a daily basis but it is seriously one of the hardest things I have ever done. I feel that if all you say is true, you are better and "appearing" like you have it all together than I do ;) I think I will ride over there with Amy to view your toilet also. hehe
Seriously though, thank you for this. I feel that I am barely keeping my head above water most days, especially when both of my kids are sick and clingy or I am trying to do things on top of keeping my house up, spending family time, cooking, cleaning and making time for my husband.

Ensor said...

You are such a wonderful Mom Stace and an encouragement to so many (especially me). Although I would consider myself in the "as you were" category :) Love you.

YaYa and Pops said...

As a fan who knows, I will say that your house is not always a place that you might feel proud for people to see.....but your heart......that is a place anyone would love to have! You continue to amaze me.

The Clevelands said...

Stacey - you are such an encouragement so keep it coming. I'm know deep down that although people may come across as having it all together, that everyone struggles and has days that don't go so well. So, for what it's worth, I glean so much encouragement from your posts, but I know you aren't perfect and you aren't trying to make people think you are. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Stacey, I love your blogs and love that you are so candid and honest - good or bad. Thanks for the encouragement and keep 'em coming!

Cheryl said...

Hi Stacy,
Just found your blog and love your last post. I can SO relate. I could have written it myself. Missed seeing you at skate day!

Meredith H. H. said...

I definitely admire your candor....and your great ideas and encouraging comments all rolled into one!

On a different note, I tried out your 3 Cheese Spaghetti recipe last night.....delicious! I added about 2/3 cup of spinach to the sauce and it was great! (And the hubby didn't notice it at all!)

Jenny said...

thank you for that! everyone needs to be encouraged and sometimes it is encouraging to know that you aren't the only one struggling to keep it together! you are so sweet stace and i appreciate your honesty. and if it makes you feel better...rhonald thanked me for cleaning our toliet yesterday -- that is how bad it was!

Amber said...


I mopped today

for the first time

in months!!!!!!!

I've blogged a lot more than that.

See you so so soon.


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