Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby, it's Cold Inside

I've discovered that in my home I am the thermostat!
I want the atmosphere inside our house to be warm, cheerful, loving, positive, and constructive. So I try to go to God's Word each morning (remember, God is first) and pray, giving Him the opportunity to set the temperature of my heart to match His.
-Elizabeth George
I love this!!! It is so true in our home! My attitude sets the mood for our day. Today....I botched it. I slept in. This basically sends our day on a downward spiral. What it means is that Billy went to work w/ an empty belly, the kids ate breakfast while watching a movie (b/c I had to have my computer time that I usually do b/f they get up), and I wasted time getting ready while they were watching that movie and we didn't get to school this morning (so we will have to do it this afternoon and I really don't like having to do much school in the afternoon). And b/c of all that the housework didn't get done this morning and will have to get squeezed in sometime after school and b/f I have to start fixing dinner. I will probably not get much time to just enjoy the kids. And b/c there is going to be such a time crunch to get everything done, I know I'm going to be tempted to pop in another movie for the kids. I didn't have the quiet time to pray and think and read to prepare my attitude to deal w/ my house and children, so I was crabby and short and not at all cheerful. As a result, the kids argued and didn't finish their morning habits and chores until lunch!!!!! ARG!
All this whining to say, I have got to get off to a good start. I've kind of touched on this b/f, but it's so true. Permission. The things we give ourselves permission to do or not to do. I do not give myself permission to go to bed w/o brushing my teeth. I do not give myself permission to skip Suzannah's insulin. There are lots of things I just don't give myself permission to skimp on. Getting up early enough to prepare my mind and heart for my very important job should be one of those things. I have found that even if we have a rough night and I'm tired, if I choose to sleep in, I regret it. I would rather be tired at 4 than have to deal w/ a day that is falling apart. It's just so hard to pull things back together once they've started to spiral.
I guess the whole point of this post was to give myself a little pep-talk. I need to get things back on won't be easy. Tomorrow, I will not give myself permission to let my morning get off to the wrong start. I will set the thermostat so that the temperature of my heart matches that my husband and children and home can be blessed by it. :)


Once Upon A Closet said...

Love it! And don't sweat because our morning was just...weird. We started school a little late but Andrew took 1 hour to do math. He was griping, complaining or anything, it just took that long. It was some hard stuff. That freed me up to do other stuff but I feel I didn't have time with them. I have a stack of dishes to do because Eric was cleaning the water heater. Because of that we also couldn't do laundry. What a day! But I am working on my attitude! I want a warm house!

Once Upon A Closet said...

I meant he wasn't griping or complaining! oops!

The Clevelands said...

Maybe it was a full moon last night, we're kind of crabby here as well!!

Jessi -in love with her boys:) said...

thank you for that post. Such an eye opener

jaymie said...

i don't have your email...shoot me one..i need to email you!

all4memories said...

Thank you for that post. I know exactly how you feel. I used to be such a morning person, getting so much more accomplished in the day. I now feel that I'm quite lazy if I sleep in even for a bit. I'm going to go back to setting an alarm clock. Thanks for the inspiration! Or, I guess I should say, thanks for allowing God to use you.

On another note, I read about your daughter taking insulin. I have been on insulin for 33 years! I started out taking 4 shots a day when I was 7 years, and now at 40 years, I'm on the insulin pump. I really hate that she has diabetes, but, wow!, now they have come so far with treatment and such. I do pray that God gives someone wisdom one day soon to find a cure. Blessings to you and your family!!

sallie said...

Hey there! Hope you don't mind but I've been recommending your post. Mandy Armstrong asked for it. So hopefully you'll hear from her soon!

Caldwell Clan said...

Thank you so much for sharing your day. This is something that I'm trying to make a routine in my day... and am not doing as well as I would like. I do completely agree with the thermometer analogy!! and I need to start my day much warmer than I have been... boy do I wish I were one of those people who liked getting up early. I enjoy it once I do it, but it's the draggin my tail out of bed that I don't like. :) HOpe tomorrow is better!!

Laura said...

I have been getting up every morning with Steve and having quiet time after he leaves! What a difference in my day!! You KNOW that I am not a morning person but I am with you! I would rather be a little run down in the afternoon than be harried and short all day!

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28


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