Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures With Santa

(sorry it's blurry! it's a photo the photo?!)
This morning we braved the 28 degree weather to head to the Mall for pictures w/ Santa. The kids were really excited and had fun. We weren't sure how Jack would do, but when he saw the girls sit in his lap he said, "Santa, Hi!" It was really cute. Suzannah was very composed and politely asked him for Heelies. Molly Beth was the shy one this year and didn't ask for anything. Earlier this morning Suzannah was asking her what she was going to ask Santa for and she said, (in a very sad voice) "I want a real pony, but Mommy said I can't have one." Bless her heart. That is literally what she wants?! I asked her what she wanted instead of a pony.....she said, "A Unicorn!" GREAT?! Jack is getting one of those springy horse things, maybe she'll be satisfied w/ that! HA!
Tomorrow we are going to be making cookies for Santa. I'm really excited about the recipe. Not only is it cute, fun to make and's good for you?! WHAT?! Check in tomorrow! :)


Dixie said...

Great picture and a GREAT Santa! I love it when 'real' guys dress up for the kids.

I was wondering how you were liking your black sink? Is it hard to keep clean or does it cover stains better than others?

Have a fun Christmas


Laura said...

Why can't she have a pony?? Good grief you have 2 acres now! I am going to give her a pony for her birthday!

jaymie said...

What a great picture! THe kids look so cute. I love those outfits. The pony thing is so funny. My brother always wanted a 4 wheeler but my mom is a worry wart so she wasn't going to let santa bring him one. after years of asking, santa finally brought a remote control one. my brother was totally insulted!! ha!!!!!

Once Upon A Closet said...

I loved your card! My kids were so excited. You are too creative to be my friend! ;-)

You better buy that girl a pony, you mean mommy! How can you resist her cuteness?! If things do not work between Andrew and Caroline, you had better beware. I am acomin' for your girls so Andrew can come acourtin'!

April said...

Cute kids, cute picture! :)

Laura said...

I am sorry "Once Upon A Closet"...the Neal girls are spoken for!!!!

Donna said...

The Christmas card was great!! Christine has tried unsuccessfully to take a pictue of her "Gang" and so far can't get one with all 6 kids looking at the camera!! I just can't imagine!!!! We leave for Denison in the morning. Looking forward to the time there. Peace family is having a ball in Colorado and loving the snow. They'll be in Paris, TX, tomorrow afternoon and we'll see them the 26th. Have a GREAT Christmas!!!

We love you, Aunt Donna


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