Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Eve

We have started a new Christmas Eve tradition at our house this year that is taken from Billy's family. Dinner and presents at Grandma's. We went over to my parents house for finger food and gifts. But first we had our first annual Neal Family Christmas Program. It was complete w/ Christmas carols w/ musical accompaniment (courtesy of Suzannah), joke telling, poem recitation and was closed out w/ the retelling of the Christmas story from Luke. The girls worked really hard and memorized a lot and the did a great job! :)

Then it was on to presents!!
Molly Beth w/ her princess jewels.

Jack w/ his all-in-one truck.

And Suzannah w/ her Heelies. This was the main thing she wanted for Christmas and was expecting them from Santa, but Ya-Ya and Pops beat him to it!

She was beside herself....and actually teared up.

She is so proud! ;)

Then we headed home to set out the cookies and eggnog. Jack fell asleep in the car and missed out.

Then Daddy read "The Night Before Christmas."

And it was off to bed.

I don't know if they've ever fallen asleep so quickly!

It was a special night and a great kick off for Christmas Day!


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Such a great tradition! And the photo of Suzannah "tearing up" is priceless. Love it.

Amy Porter said...

I love all of your christmas posts!! Those reindeer cookies are SO CUTE!! We will be making those for sure! Glad your Christmas was so fun!!


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