Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

OK, I have to start this out by saying that I did a horrible job of taking pictures! I didn't get any of Billy and I totally missed the first reaction when they came in the room (a classic)?!

Anyway, the kiddos slept in till 8!!! We got up and called my folks. We hung a sheet up in the doorway to the livingroom so that the kids could come in the kitchen while I fixed breakfast and we waited for Ya-Ya and Pops. I made sausage balls and monkey bread. The sausage balls were great (how do you mess them up?) but the monkey bread...well, lets just say that my Mom is in charge of it next year! Then, after my parents arrived, the music was turned on, the cameras were all set up and the children could wait no longer, we let them run in.

Here are some of the few pictures I took (I'm so fired!).

Santa brought Jack a horse and he pretty much didn't get off of it the whole time!!! He still spends most of his time on it! He loves it!

One of the coolest gifts this year was in the kids stockings. It was these glasses. They look a little like 3D glasses, but when you put them on and look at the christmas lights they (the lights) look like snowmen, santas, or snowflakes, depending on which glasses you put on. They were so neat and I think the grown-ups spent as much time playing w/ them as the kids. Oh, look! I did get a picture of Billy! ;)

Everytime we go to the store for toothbrushes Suzannah asks for an electric one. And I always say no. They last just as long as a regular one but cost 5 times as much! Well, good ol' St. Nick hooked her up and she went to brush her teeth right away!

This is a pic of my Mom and Suz. Suzannah helped me pick out this bracelet for my Mom. It had everyone's birthstone in it. It was beautiful.

HA! Here's Dad w/ his new South Park PJ's. Billy got them for him....inside joke. I am so not an advocate of that if you thought I would be.

I love, love, love this picture. She wore that princess dress all morning! Her reactions were priceless! Thank goodness for video cameras. If I had a dollar for every time she said, "Thank you! It's beautiful! I love it!" We could retire!

K, this was my favorite gift to give her. I was so excited when I found it that I actually teared up. This little book was my favorite as a little girl. It's about a little girl playing w/ her 3 dollies and taking care of them as she plays mommy. It is actually a great "how to be a good mommy" book! ;) She even "homeschools" her babies! HA! I couldn't wait for her to open it, but she wasn't nearly as excited about it as I'd hoped she would be. Oh well, I think she's enjoyed it since. It really is a sweet book for any little girls that like to play w/ baby dolls. But it's really hard to find!

And here's Suz w/ her Just Like Me American Doll from Grandmother. She loves it!

After we got everything cleaned up and Jack had his nap, we headed over to Mom and Dad's for Christmas Dinner. It was wonderful!!! You know it's good when you are devistated once you are actually full b/c you wanted to do it all over again!!! :)

And of course, once we got home Suzannah was finally able to play "her" Wii.
We had a great Christmas and made many beautiful memories!!!! Now I'm, ready for New Years!!! *look closely at her pants! ha! *


Jessica said...

Wow!!! What a day! I am a HORRIBLE picture taker. Yours are WAY better than the ones I got. Merry Christmas to all the Neals!!!

Grams said...

Looks like y'all had a great time. I got home tonight and I'm catching up on blogs and emails.

Amy Porter said...

I think you got great pictures! That one of Molly Beth is priceless!! I'm so glad yall had fun! We need to come over and let Blake have a try on that horse! :)

jaymie said...

i guess the no pony or unicorn thing went over OK with MB when she saw her princess stuff!

Silverthornes said...

looks like a wonderful Christmas! Have a Happy New Year!!


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