Friday, November 7, 2008

My Husband Rocks Friday

He's a Handy Man!

Billy can seriously do anything around the house!!! Even make furniture!!! He made this beautiful piece for me b/f Suzannah was born b/c the apartment we lived in didn't have a good place for my cook books or a pantry! Now it's perfect in the bathroom to hold extra toilet paper and toiletries and towels! He has also made me a great bookshelf that currently resides in my parents play room and he would love to make more (if he had the time!).

For some reason these pictures uploaded backwards? Anyway, this is my beautiful sink that he installed. He also pulled up the old counters and back splash and installed this new stuff...I know, amazing!

Here's the after of our new stove and counters on the other side. I would have had no clue where to even begin?! He cut the hole and everything!!

Here's the before. I'm tellin ya, there's nothing the man can't do!!! I'm so thankful that he knows how to do so much stuff around the house. It's definitely a blessing. I love him so much. My husband so totally rocks!!! :)


Grams said...

Love the cabinet in the bathroom. Boy does the black paint dress it up. The sink looks great too. Hugs

laura said...

Seriously impressive handy work Billy! The shelf is so beautiful and the sink is great too! You are a blessed woman!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Love it. I am thoroughly impressed. Not all hubbies are blessed with such talent!

April said...

I enjoyed seeing those pictures. Pretty impressive, alright!

Laura said...

I am just now getting around to seeing your blog. I love the sink!! Its great! Now I have to come over and see it in person!!


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