Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Lovin' It!

I love my kids. Everybody loves their kids. But it is so nice to hear people talk about how much they love their kids!! I have read several posts by people here lately that just fill me w/ so much joy to hear them share how they feel about their kiddos!
So, I was inspired and began jotting down little things that I love about my precious babies. Here are a few:

I love that Suzannah loves to play golf and looks forward to trips to the driving range.

I love that my kids stop what they are doing just to come over and give me hugs at various times throughout the day.

I love that Molly B wakes up singing.

I love that Suzannah is so driven.

I love that Molly Beth is so compassionate that she gives brass cows hugs b/f she leaves.

I love that in the middle of the night, when Jack knows I'm about to nurse him, he claps his hands and says, "Yay!" w/o even opening his eyes!

I love that the first thing my kids do in the morning when they wake up is to find me and get a little snuggle.

I love that when Molly B kisses us she cups our faces in her hands.

I love that if Jack hears one of the girls crying he runs to find them and comfort them.

I love that every time I vacuum Jack goes and gets his toy vacuum to help me.

I love that Billy takes Suzannah out on dates (and will take molly b when she turns 4...she can't wait!).

I love that Jack likes to play house w/ Molly Beth.

I love that my kids are always singing...and the words are usually made up.

I love that Molly Beth still calls Pink (her favorite color) Piggy.

I love that when we go somewhere, even if it's just to drop something off really quick, she packs at least one purse full of this-n-that and brings at least one stuffed animal or baby.

I love that Jack loves to cook.

I love that Suz likes to put on mini productions for our family.

I love that I get to be the Mom of the best snuggle bunny in the world!!

I love that even though I'm w/ the kids all day every day, they still want me to be their Bible school teacher.

I love that Suz always wants to help us.

I love that when we are on the cookie and cracker aisle, Suzannah averts
her eyes and stares at the juice b/c, "It's just too tempting."

I love that Molly Beth is such a free spirit.

I love that she is perfectly content to wear 2 different shoes that are for the same feet!

I love that when something scary or upsetting happens (ie. a snake in the bird house, etc) Suzannah's first instinct is to pray!

I love that the girls ask to sing Christmas carols in the car...all year round.

I love that Billy gets on the floor and rolls around w/ the kids in the evenings.

I love that Jack always sits w/ Suzannah when she is in time out. (i had a hilarious picture of this, but just deleted it. boo.)

I love that Suzannah tells me that she loves me more that Healies (currently the top item on her Christmas list).

I love that God blessed us w/ three amazing children and another one to come. They certainly are little treasures....hopefully I can remember this all week! ;)


Grams said...

And I love you for sharing all those moments with me/us.


YaYa and Pops said...

Oh those are such great things about such wonderful little blessings.

April said...

I, too, enjoyed reading your post! Precious kiddos.


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