Monday, November 10, 2008

The Great Tutu Givaway!

And the winner is.......
Mindi (or should I say Addison?!)
YAY! Thanks to all 3 of you who participated! ;)


Jaime said...

Somehow I missed the giveaway. Not that I need a tutu, but I could give it as a gift. :-)

I didn't realize you made your kiddos' costumes. They were adorable!! Great job! You need an etsy shop, too... in your spare time, of course... :-)

Amy Porter said...

I think I was trying to think of a funny comment to put on this post that I totally missed the tutu giveaway. Now I'm extra award...and now, no tutu! :) Only kidding! Cute idea! If you do it again, I'll make sure to read all the way to the did I miss it?!?!

jennifer said...

ok I missed that one too. How did I miss that? Count me in for the next one. Love you guys!


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