Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shared Inspiration

Have you ever read somebody's blog and thought, "Wow. I am so unworthy of blogging." B/c the things they are able to express through their words are so profound and deep that when you read it you feel like you might drown b/c it takes your breath away!!!???? If there was just one blog I could share w/ you it would be Holy Experience. She is a daughter of a farmer, wife of a farmer and mother of six. She is absolutely inspirational! Here is an excerpt from today's post:
This giving thanks for little things does just that. It increases the spaces in my life that God fills. Instead of magnifying the world’s stress cracks, a day’s grimy smudges, or me, myself, and I, thanksgiving enlarges our experience of God in the moment, He who fills all of space.
It is not that God is little and needs magnifying, but the opposite. It’s our lives that are small, which we’ve distorted, exaggerated, inflated. In thanksgiving, reality is righted, and God is seen for who He is: the Magnificent One.
Wow! Awesome. I'm silly, I know, but when I read her stuff, I'm moved. Not just emotionally, but spiritually! Y'all she knows God, she sees Him and she shares Him. It's something we can all have but few are able to tap into. I hope you will visit her and read and be deeply moved. Take a deep breath, you'll need it! :)


Caldwell Clan said...

Wow.. that is inspirational!! But just so you know. You inspire me alot too!! 1 question, in your last blog you mentioned diaper you use clothe diapers?

TexasNeals said...

i do and i love them!!!! i'm such a nut, huh?! ;)


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