Friday, October 17, 2008

My Husband Rocks

He's Old me!
Billy's birthday was the 2nd of the month. For eight months I have to endure constant ridicule about being so old. ;) Well, now I get to enjoy a break b/c we're both old (31) now!!!Billy had taken that week off so we started the day w/ breakfast in bed (isn't he cute first thing in the morning?).
After breakfast, he and my Dad went to play golf (all day). Little did he know, but there was a big surprise coming his way. Vail had called me sometime in September and said that she'd like to come and surprise Billy on his birthday. Well, I don't keep secrets from Billy. This was a big deal for me to not tell him (I think Vail half expected me to did I!!!). But after several close calls we made it. And he was genuinely surprised!!!
Then it was off to Shoguns. Billy's fav restaurant. Here's Suz and my parents.
Here's me, Jack, William, Molly B and Vail (aka Grams :)
This is a horrible picture, but it definitely captured Molly Beth's reaction to the fire!
It was a nice dinner and we were all stuffed! I asked the girls how they liked it and Molly Beth said, "I liked it, and I didn't even get burned!" And Suzannah said, "I'm so gonna work here."

The following day was Friday. We set out to make him his favorite cake. Strawberry.
Jack helped.
The girls worked on the icing.

The picture of the finished product and Billy blowing out his candles are on his cell phone, and, needless to say, I have no idea how to get them off! But rest aren't missing anything. I added too much strawberry puree to the icing, so the cake pretty much looked like the cake on Sleeping Beauty, only not w/ so many layers. I finally gave up on icing it b/c the top layer was sliding off anyway. We just iced each individual piece and it was insanely scrumptious!!!
He had a great birthday and we were so happy to celebrate it w/ him! I'm so thankful for his 31 years and pray that the Lord will bless him w/ 31 more!!! He totally rocks! :)

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Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Katy Lin :) said...

how fun! looks like he had a great day! :)

April said...

Happy Birthday, Beellee! :) Looks like it was lots of fun.

Rusty and Ann said...

What a fun surprise! Way to keep the secret, Stace! Strawberry is my favorite cake, too!

Laura said...

Neither one of you are as old as we are :( Waiting for the wrinkles and aches and pains next!!


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