Monday, August 18, 2008

Garden Update

The garden is doing pretty good. The tomatoes are starting to slow down and, as you can see, my cucumbers are sick. They are still producing, but they have mildew which deforms the cucumbers. I pulled up all the Geraniums b/c they were so big. The cantaloupe are starting to produce like crazy and we hope to eat our first one later this week! FINALLY!
Our carrots were a flop. I knew I was planting them too late, but decided to anyway. They really need to be planted early b/c the cool weather is what makes them sweet....needless to say, ours are very bitter!
The peppers are still putting out peppers and our pumpkin vines are getting big. BUT, I'm almost 100% sure that they have Boar Beetles. If that's the case, one of these mornings they'll all just be shriveled up. It will be a big bummer if we don't get any pumpkins.
I'm throwing around the idea of planting some lettuce, broccoli and cabbage? I don't know much (anything) about fall and winter gardens? Maybe I'll research it, but we are hoping to start school next week and I'll be very busy. We'll see. If I decide not to, this will be my last garden update. Awwwww, I know everyone is broken hearted. ;) Thanks for the encouragement. Hope someone was inspired to try a garden next year. It was so easy, lots of fun and very beneficial...did I mention that it was very cheap ORGANIC produce?! That's reason enough!! :)


Mabry's gamma said...

I applaud you for trying out gardening and this is how we learn, by trail and error. It will give you more knowledge on when and how you want to do things next year. Enjoy that cantaloupe...yummy!

Love to all,
Aunt Cheri

Dixie said...

Isaac has a little garden that is giving us wonderful cucumbers and watermelons. Are your cucumbers clibing on the trellis? Ours just take up the whole garden, crawling around on the ground. I didn't think about making them climb. We've never had luck with carrots yet either. I did look into cabbage and lettuce and all that and it does seem like fall is when to do that, because they withstand the cooler temps and give sweeter greens that way. We may be expanding ours to include all salad ingredients. We'll see about time. I have never really thought about pesticides and all that but when I was eating the first cucumber I thought,"this has never had anything sprayed on it. It just grew out of the dirt like this!" Silly I know, but still...

Rusty and Ann said...

Great job, Stace! You know we eat pumpkin leaves here- just cook like regular greens. We boil the leaves, then saute onion and tomato, add to the greens with coconut milk and serve over rice.

TexasNeals said...

oh, ann, that sounds de-lish! i'm gonna try it and let you know what we think! thanks!!!


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