Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Confession, I should have been fired today. Not only did I get to work almost 2 hours late, but I wasn't even dressed! I shirked my responsibilities all day long and spent my time working on something not work related! I fired one employee and promoted another to Supervisor, knowing she was under qualified. As a result, a newer employee almost had to go to the hospital! I clocked out early and had lunch on the company's credit card. When the boss got in everything was in disarray. I should have been fired! I wasted his time, his money and neglected his costumers. If not least demoted.
Instead, he listened to my feeble excuses and apologies. Then he hugged me and asked what smelled so good b/c he was starving. I wish everyone could have a boss as merciful and full of grace as mine. ;)

No, I don't actually think of Billy as my boss. Nor do I think of our children as our employees, but yes, I did drop the ball today! With school about to start up I really need to get back into a routine and get serious about my "job." It encompasses so much and I do feel like it's I need to treat it that way!

Oh, by the way this is what I spent my day distracted on. It makes me one step closer to finishing Jack's room....only b/c now I consider myself officially started! Sad....I know.
Hope everyone has a productive and focused day.....:)

I wrote this yesterday and therefore finished the blanket yesterday. I am so pleased to say that Jack loves it! I haven't sewed that many things b/c I really don't have the time, but the boy REALLY needs a bedding set! This is just a "blankie" but the pony print will be part of the actual bedding. I can't wait to finish (start) it and share it with you!!! :)


Spiess-cadets said...

That is the cutest blanket ever!!!! i would not have fired you but promoted you to head of the design team. haha.

Adriana said...

I have so many days like that. I either should be fired because I suck at it or I totally hate my job and want to quit. Thank God for gracious hubbys and new days, fresh with no mistakes in them... yet. ;)

Mabry's gamma said...

I love how you wrote about you day, very clever and interesting. We all have days like that, Stace, so don't beat yourself up over it.

Love to all,
Aunt Cheri

Jaime said...

I love how you wrote about your day, too. I have days like that, too, even though I don't homeschool. Thank goodness for understanding and loving hubbies.

I love the quilt! Looks like Jack does, too. Great job!

Grams said...

Love the blanket. Can't wait to see the finished room.

Hugs to everyone


April said...

Alright. Jack is absolutely adorable with his way too cute blanket snuggled close! I'm impressed! And, yes, I have plenty of days like that, too. ;)

Jenny said...

Hi stace!!! I saw this link to your blog on amy's blog. your kids are so beautiful!!!! i am so glad things are going so well for you and billy.

---jenny (stewart) searcy

Jessica said...

That blankie is beautiful. You did an amazing job! I love to sew, but like many, just don't have the time. I am excited to see a finished sewing project.

Dixie said...

I love that pony print!
You are a great Mom. One of the things that make you great is that you're human enough to know how blessed you are to be doing it...and struggling at it from time to time...but doing it nonetheless. Hold your head up.


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