Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Circus....East Texas Style

Well, it wasn't "The Greatest Show on Earth", but we had a really nice time! I don't remember the circus being so stressful!! I'm glad there wasn't a video camera on me, b/c I know I looked like I was in pain the whole time! They did a good job. The guy walking the tight rope fell off when he did a BACK FLIP!!!! Hello?! THANKFULLY it was only about 8 feet off the ground. But that was the only accident (if you don't count the presents left by the elephants and Molly Beth's pony). The pictures didn't really turn out great and I was too stressed during most of the acts to get my camera out, but I'll post the ones I got for posterity.

They had three rings and pretty much everything you expect to see at a circus. With the exception of a tent! Jack liked it, but to be honest, I thought he would be a little more expressive.
Especially the about the animals. The best face he made was this. It was his reaction to...

The performing poodles! They were pretty good and really cute. Suzannah's reaction was, "Oh, I get it. They are remote control!" HA!

One of the most intense times was during the horse back riders. A guy went under the belly of the horse and then back up to the saddle while the horse was galloping! I gasped so loudly! The whole place would have heard me if it weren't for the lady in front of us calling upon the name of Jesus!

There was an intermission and they let the kids ride elephants and ponies. I had never seen this, but it was a pretty big money maker!

We let the girls ride the ponies. They thought it was so great!? Molly Beth even talked about it again today. Whoo. Hoo.

Sweet sisters.

It was so hot and muggy! We needed some refreshment during the second half, and you can't have a circus w/o cotton candy.

Suzannah was very excited to be low and get to indulge in some herself!! :)

Jack wasn't so sure about it....
And last, but not least, the elephants. I think they were my favorite part. They were so cute holding each other's tails w/ their trunks. I did feel a little bit sorry for them though.

So there you have it. An East Texan Circus. Not too bad. I'm sure glad they came to town. It was a fun family night.


April said...

What fun! We took our kids to the circus for the first time last was fun, for the most part. They were scared when the motorcycles made the loud noises. :) We received free tickets from one of my parent's neighbors, who happens to be a clown in the circus. We're looking forward to going again in October!

I cannot get over just how much your children look like the both of you. I know people must tell you and Billy that all the time!!! You have a beautiful family. I'm glad Suz got to enjoy the cotton candy. :)

Grams said...

You know it's a circus when there's cotton candy and elephants. Looks like y'all had a great time.

Hugs to everybody:)

April said...

Mackenzie asked to look at Africa pictures tonight, which made us wonder...would you guys (in all your spare time-Ha, Ha) be able to make a copy of the Africa Summer 2000 video of Shane Gage's for us? We would be so very happy to pay you for postage and video costs. If you have a chance (while taking care of 3 kids and being a teacher!) to email me at I would be happy to give you our address and phone numbers via email. And if you can email me your address, we'll send you a check! :) Thanks, Stacey! :)

Silverthornes said...

That looks like a great time. I am with you though. I would have been stressed out too.


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