Thursday, July 31, 2008

30 Day Challenge

While reading a blog of a lady that I admire I noticed a link called the 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge for Wives. I clicked it and have decided to take the challenge. I couldn't figure out how to link it on my blog so if you are interested you can find it on I feel very passionately about my role as a wife. However, I am all to quick to take out my frustrations and disappointments of the day on my sweet Billy. He is really the best husband I can imagine. I want to get out of the habit of dropping those little negative comments. This is the perfect way to start. AND the perfect time to start. Tomorrow is the first day of August, and on the 21st we will celebrate 9 years of marriage. :)

The challenge of the challenge is this:

For the next 30 days you can't say anything negative to or about your husband to your husband or to anyone else about your husband. And you must say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband to your husband or to someone else about your husband.

Maybe I'm just a horrible wife, but this will definitely be a challenge. Not b/c I don't love or think the world of him....b/c I do! But b/c I have gotten so comfortable w/ him that so often I take advantage of his unconditional love.

So, I'm ready to go. Who's w/ me? At the end of the 30 days you are supposed to share some of the victories and challenges along the way. I will share mine here. Stay tuned.....

Here are some suggestions from the site to help us get started:

Week one:

day1-thank him for choosing you. let him know that you want to be a blessing to him.

day2-find some way that he is serving you or your family. praise him for his willingness to serve.

day3-speak kindly to him w/ genuine words of encouragement. thank him for his kindness.

day4-let him know that you value and appreciate his work. praise his diligence and resourcefulness.

day5-edify your husband in front of others, especially family (his and yours). let your relatives know that you respect, love and support your husband.

day6-recognize and appreciate his creativity. affirm him for his handiwork.

day7-encourage him in the area of finances. let him know that you appreciate his strenghts in financial matters and ask if there is any way that you can help make the burden lighter.

I realize that this probably sounds very cheesey. But just as we see the time and energy that we put into our children as important investments for the is the time and energy that we put into our husbands. So often (in our house anyway) the husband gets the wife's leftovers. So much is put toward the children and home and by the time the house is picked up and the children are in bed, the wife is too pooped to invest in the marriage. Bad idea. Be encouraged to put forth the extra effort to serve your husband. I once heard a quoate, though I don't remember where or from whom or exactly how it went. It was so good. It said something like, "Spoil your children and they'll turn out rotten and you'll lose them. Spoil your husband and he'll treasure you and be yours forever."

Just as I need encouragement to be the best mom that I can be, I also need encouragement to be the best wife that I can be. The strange thing is....while it's very acceptable to encourage other moms about there mothering, it seems taboo to encourage a woman to love and serve her husband. Maybe it's just me....Anyway, here's the challenge. I'd love for you to join me. If you decide to, let me know and I'll pray for you and encourage you. Tomorrow's the day. I'm jumping in w/ both feet.....wish me luck! :)


Grams said...

Hey Stace,
What a great challenge. Though I won't be joining I'll definitely be on the sidelines cheering you and the other on.

I blogged about you yesterday -- I actually have two entries so you'll have to scroll down -- be sure and check it out.


Adriana said...

How timely is this?? I needed this challenge a lot (Laura knows!!) It's been something in my heart for years but I got out of practice after hearing from friends that it's just not possible and friends are there to hear your venting. I know it's possible to only speak words of praise and love and affirmation to and about my husband, it just requires A LOT of discipline! I need accountability. My friends need to (lovingly) hold me to a higher standard and likewise me for you! Let's make this a whole attitude change - I know my marriage would GREATLY benefit from it! I'm like you, Stacey, I love and respect my husband, but I take his love for granted and don't always express that love and respect, more often just the negative. Which in turn causes him to withdraw and we end up at odds. Wow. What a tangent... point is, I'm up for the challenge, I need this, my marriage needs this and we'll all be better wife. friends, and women for it!! Thanks Stace!

TanyaMarie said...

I'm in!

Thank you so much for the challenge!!! I'll put a link to this on my blog.

Amy Mccathran said...

Hi Stace! I would love to take this challenge with you. I know I've definitely been a bit hormonal lately with Ty :). He is so patient with me and needs me to uplift him as well! Thanks for the challenge.

The Venables said...

What a great idea and for sure a challenge for me! Can I admit that I feel this goal is too lofty for me to attain?! I can be quite the "nag".:) I know this would do wonders for my marriage and is probably just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm in and praying not to fail!

YaYa and Pops said...

Okay, I'm in, but after 36 years of marriage I will have to rely on the Spirit to make any changes in this "old dog!!" I'll sure give it a good try. Thanks Stace!

The Nortons said...

Stacey- I am up for the challenge! I sometimes try so hard to praise Adam in public and forget to praise him in our home! This will be great especially since I have been so wrapped up in Blaze and my not so pretty side has surfaced a couple of times:) Yay-a challenge I'm pumped!!

This Mama's Hood said...

Stacey what a great idea! I totally want to be apart of this challenge!! I can't wait to start it tomorrow.

Schell said...

Hey Neal's. Love the challange Stace and will be joining with these other ladies! Also congratz on 8 years of marriage!


Randi said...

Hi Stacey! It's Randi Roper (now Perkins) from Harding. Amy sent me to your blog and I love it! My friends and I have started blogging and we seem to be very much in sync with you and your desires. I have received this challenge several times lately, but today I'm accepting. Thank you and God bless you on your journey these next 30 days!

Silverthornes said...

I'm in!


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