Sunday, November 13, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015 Part 1

Christmas Eve always starts with Santa pancakes!!!

I just make a circle and a triangle pancake for each kiddo and they decorate them.

Homemade whipped cream, fresh, sliced strawberries and green m&m's for the eyes.  Serve them up with a christmas mug of milk and you've got a nutritious breakfast...for the most part.  ;)

Oh! And I almost forgot the cherries! After all, Santa did have a nose like a cherry.  Some of the kids chose to use creative liberty...

I love how they are all different.

And how proud they are of their work. 

Love the smile, so creative.

Looks like Rudolph has been sneaking some whipped cream himself!

You can never have too much whipped cream!

Then we made Christmas cookies.

Chocolate cookies with red and green m&m's.

And chewy ginger snaps dipped in white chocolate and dusted with festive sprinkles.

Then everyone got dressed and brushed their teeth and we packaged up our neighbor's gifts.  We always make a homemade hot cocoa mix at the beginning of December to enjoy the whole month through.  This year we decided to make an extra batch and package it up with directions and a candy cane. 

Then we loaded up to go make our deliveries.  Check out my beautiful delivery girl.  Looking so grown up. 

Then it was off to Ya Ya and Pops for presents and and appetizer supper!

To be continued...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Christmas Adam 2015

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging.  I'm quite rusty but hopefully it's like riding a bike and I'll get the hang of it pretty quick.  Going to catch up on a few things. 

Christmas Adam is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.  It all started when Suzannah came home from ELO one day and told us a joke: What's the day before Christmas Eve? Christmas Adam! And so it began.  We have homemade pizza, salad, soda (a VERY rare treat) and watch "It's a Wonderful Life."  Simple but sweet.

We pretty much make the same pizzas each year; supreme, pepperoni, cheese and spinach alfredo.

 Watching this movie every year is such a beautiful reminder that life isn't perfect, but it really is wonderful.  We have more blessings than we can count and as long as we are loved, we can be very, very thankful.

Happy Christmas Adam 2016!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Easter has always been my favorite and this year, our celebration was one of my favorites of all time.  We kept things very simple and low key.  I have felt like I can't keep up with life lately.  Then I realized that I could determine the pace!!!  So instead of stressing myself out we decided focus on making it enjoyable...and I must say, we succeeded.

The buckets baskets were simple yet traditional and very well received.

After the kiddos went through their baskets, we made our traditional Easter breakfast.  Empty tomb rolls.  This is always daddy's job because I'm usually making the fruit salad, and lets face it, it's a messy job.

He walked them through the symbolism.  Gotta love a marshmallow Jesus.

While breakfast cooked, the kids went outside for the egg hunt.
"Yes sir!"

Time for breakfast!!!!!

 Unfortunately, there was an accident and the beautiful empty tomb rolls ended up all over the floor with shards of pottery in them  :(  Fortunately we had one box of cereal left, so there were no empty bellies.

After breakfast we donned our Easter apparel, minus the bonnets, and headed out the door.

We always go to Ya Ya and Pops for Easter Dinner and take our traditional picture.  Ya Ya always has some special goodies for the littles.

Such a special day.  And the perfect way to wrap it up was at a table surrounded with people we love.  A sweet couple from church was able to join us and kept us in stitches.  We sat at the table long after the strawberry and lemon ice box pies were but smudges on china.  So many funny stories and even some deep and moving moments.  It was a happy Easter and the perfect day to remember the gift of eternal life!

For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.
1 Corinthians 15:22


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest...

Jack-I can hear God.  Listen. (long silent pause)  See, he's yodeling on the moon.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

There's Always Something....

Even though some days it's harder...there's always infinite number of things

~glorious fall colors on a magnificent autumn sky
~quite singing voices coming from their bedroom
~a soft answer
~time with kindred spirits to rejuvenate the soul
~his whispered confession of sneaking icing....
~his desire to keep his conscious tender
~good Samaritans
~pain relief, if only for an hour
~his smile...even in the midst of discomfort
~the way she sat with him while she slept and brought him her blanket and stuffed animals
~friends that go out of their way to take care of you
~a pot roast made with love
~dentists....and their knowledge and abilities
~prayer.....and knowing that He hears it
~His presence

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Glimmer of Hope

"Hope is the only thing more powerful than fear."

This was my favorite line from the movie, The Hunger Games.  This line has resonated in my mind ever since I saw the movie.  It was profound and so true that I was surprised to see it come out of Hollywood. HA!
Hope is probably THE most powerful thing out there.  I have been in a place where I struggled to have hope.  It was a dark place and I pray I never go back there.  But even in the midst of my darkest time....I knew there WAS hope, even though I couldn't feel it.  Every day I forced myself to read a Psalm.  David did my praying for me, b/c when you are in the pit, praying is next to impossible.
The hope that we as Christians have is transforming!  I don't know how anyone without the hope of heaven can even drag themselves out of bed in the morning!!  Life is hard.  And sometimes it's hell.  But we DO have this hope.  The hope of eternal life in perfect love.  Can you even imagine a life with perfect love!?  Where you and everyone around you is patient and kind!?  Where no one envies, no one boasts and no one is proud!?  A place where no one is rude or self seeking or easily angered or keeps a record of wrongs!?  A place where everyone rejoices in the truth and doesn't delight in evil!!!?  A place where EVERYONE always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres!!!??  A place where there is no fear!!!  Can you imagine it!!!???  That is heaven to me!  Not mansions and pearly gates or streets of gold!!!  Not robes or crowns.  But love!  True and perfect love.  Heaven.  And we get to go there!!!!  Yes, the hope of that place.  Hope.  The only thing more powerful than fear.  What fear!?  When I sit and meditate on love....there is no fear to be found.  And when I know that hope.....I can truly live!

But I will hope continually
    and will praise you yet more and more.
Psalm 71:14


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